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Properties for Rent

We have many different kinds of properties located throughout New Brunswick. Pick and choose from the selections below which property best suites your needs!

39 Mine St.

2 Family House

Unit 1: 4 br / 2ba for 6 tenants $4500

Unit 2: 7 br / 2ba for 11 tenants $8100

House can be rented separately or together to 17 tenants

​The house will be freshly painted, cleaned and features new flooring and brand new kitchens for June 1st 2021 move in! The house also features three living rooms, two sets of washers and dryers and two kitchens. All of the backyard is parking for at least 10 cars and tenants will be able to apply for additional parking through NBPA.

37 Prosper St.

Single Family House - $3800 - 5br/2ba - (4 singles / 1 double)

Located directly off of Easton Ave. and Sicard St., 37 Prosper is a great house with four singles and a double and two full bathrooms. The house also features a new heating system, and new updates such as paint and carpet as well as a washer and dryer in unit. 

140 Hamilton St.

2 Family House - Apt A 3br/2ba for up to 9 tenants - $6090

                               Apt B 3br/2ba for up to 6 tenants - $4750 

Newest renovation in New Brunswick!! These units will be completed for June 2017 and will feature brand new kitchens, huge bedrooms with three closets, new bathrooms and tall ceilings. The house also features a laundry room, fully landscaped backyard, and updated security system. This is THE nicest house in New Brunswick!! 


10 Union St.

32 Unit Apartment Building - Studio Apartments for 2 Tenants
Price: $1325 - $1550

10 Union st. is a luxurious upscale studio apartment building. Each apartment comes with a full size kitchen that includes granite counter tops as well as stainless steel appliances. The bathrooms include huge 42" showers with ceramic tiled floors. The main room is carpeted with ceiling fans and has central heating/ac. This building is equipped with security cameras throughout the building as well as daily maintenance on all common areas. See more at





16 Lafayette St.

 Single Family House - RENTED - 4br/3.5ba - (2 singles / 1 double / 1 triple)

16 Lafayette is a one of a kind house in New Brunswick. Located directly across from Buccleuch Park and 300ft. from College Ave. the house is equipped with a driveway, washer and dryer in unit, a new heating system, a landscaped backyard with patio and a dishwasher! This house is always popular and in high demand!





96 Central Ave

7br / 2ba House - RENTED - Sleeps 11

Located directly behind Easton Ave, 96 Central is a large two family house consisting of two apartments. The top floor apartment is a 5br / 1ba apartment priced at $3500. The house can be rented out either separately or all together on one lease. 

65 Mine St.

6 Unit Apartment Building

2br / 1ba Apartments

$1650 - $1950

Apartments located just a short walk from campus. These two bedroom apartments legally hold up to two people. Each apartment is equipped with central A/C and large single bedrooms and over sized windows as well as newly renovated kitchens with stainless steel appliances! In addition, both water and off street parking is included with rent! 

61 Guilden St.

Single Family House - 5br/2ba - (4 Singles 1 Double) $4100

Perfect for a group of six, 61 Guilden St. features newer appliances, two giant kitchens with ceramic tiles floor, three living rooms and five bedrooms. The house also has a huge driveway, front and rear porch and a new heating system. This is always one of our most popular rentals!


183 Easton Ave

Single Family House - 3br/1.5ba - (1 singles 2 double for 5) - RENTED

183 Easton Ave was recently renovated with an updated kitchen. The house also features an open living room, fenced in backyard, laundry in basement as well as an large front porch! Off-street driveway can fit about 3 cars! This house is always one of our most popular properties. 

15 Guilden St.

 (4br/1ba apt) - $2900 (3 singles / 1 double) 

Great house in an even better location. Located behind Easton Ave, this house is near multiple restaurants, shops and bus stops. The house has three huge bedrooms and one single. The house also has high ceilings and a large living space. Also, the house has a brand new high efficiency heating system / hot water heater, as well as new windows and a brand new contemporary kitchen with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances! Don't miss this one, it will go quick!!!




21 Union Street

Large Apartment - For Rent - 6br/3ba - (2 singles / 4 doubles) - RENTED

Huge apartment for rent in the BEST location on Union St. between College Ave & Easton Ave! The layout for the apartment consists of 4 large double bedrooms and 2 single bedrooms. The apartment also features three bathrooms, a giant living room, newly redone kitchen, washer and dryer and both central AC and heat. Parking is available for an additional charge. 

10 Prosper St.

Single Family House - 6br/2ba (2 singles 4 doubles) - $6500

10 Prosper st. is a popular, large, and unique house that has the best location available. The house comes equipped with two full size kitchens, a huge two level common area with sun room, washer and dryer in unit, and a huge second story deck. This large house can fit up to 11 people! 

28 Wyckoff St.

Single Family House - 4br/1ba - (2 singles 2 doubles for 6) - RENTED

28 Wyckoff features an enormous open kitchen as well as a large backyard and back porch. The house also features giant double bedrooms, laundry in basement  and on street parking passes.

26 Wyckoff St.

Two Family House Apt A - 4br/1.5ba - (3 singles 1 double) - RENTED

                                 Apt B - 5br/1.5ba - (4 singles 1 double) - RENTED

Located just two blocks to College Ave, this first floor apartment features 4 bedrooms (3 singles and 1 double) 1.5 bathrooms and houses up to five tenants. The apartment also features central heat / air conditioning, back porch as well as an updated kitchen and both Off and on street parking

62 Guilden St.

Single Family House - $3400 - 5br/1.5 ba (5 singles)

Located off of Easton Ave, 62 Guilden st. contains all single bedrooms!! The house also features an updated kitchen, huge driveway and a large backyard. 


62.5 Guilden St.

Single Family House - Rented - 2br/1ba (2 singles)

Small and quaint house located on Guilden St. House has new carpet and paint as well as a large backyard and is perfect for two people.


66 College Ave

Sorority House

This house is currently rented to Phi Sigma Sigma and is unavailable. 


134 Jones Ave

5br/2ba House - 4 singles & 1 double 

Located close to the Cook / Douglas campus, 134 Jones Ave features 5 bedrooms and two full bathrooms. The house also features a large back yard, open kitchen, and a washer / dryer in basement. 

37 Zirkel Ave

​Single Family House With POOL!! - 4br/3ba - (2 singles 2 doubles for 6) - RENTED

This large house features over sized bedrooms including a giant master with private en-suite, two living rooms, dining room, laundry room as well as an in ground pool with outdoor storage! The kitchen features newer appliances. The house also has a large two car width driveway as well as a two car garage attached to the house. All common areas were recently painted. In addition, the move in date is flexible between July 2019 - September 2019.

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For Rent!

For Rent!

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